freelance artist


Auri is a freelance illustrator and artist living and creating near Nuremberg, Germany. Their art is a way to express emotions and stories as well as a small window into the things important to them.Nature, wonder and magic is something they want to express through their artworks as well as the beauty of relationships with one another and they do this through both original art as well as fan work, which makes it possible to give back some of the joy they experienced.If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact me at [email protected]


Are you available for commissions?
As I'm currently busy with my webcomic I only take limited personal commissions, please inquire via mail including a description what you are looking for and I will let you know if your commissions fits into my schedule.
I'm open for commercial projects, please contact me via [email protected].Can I use your art for icons/banners/etc?
As long as credit is given I'm fine with that! Please don't use my OC art for role play and similar accounts.
What tools do you use?
All my art is done in Photoshop on a Cintiq Pro 24 inch, for sketching I’m also using an iPad Pro 12.9 inch as well as the good old sketchbook+pencil combination!
But what about brushes?
I often switch up brushes in the hopes to find the next perfect brush – a notion a lot of artists can probably relate to.
Currently I’m mostly using two brush packs I bought from other artists before, feel free to check them out:Dave Greco Brushes
How long have you been drawing?
Basically since I could hold a pencil :)
I started working digitally around 2014, since 2018 I'm fully self-employed as a freelance artist.

Convention schedule 2024

Feb 10 - Frankenmexx, Nuremberg, Germany
Mar 1 - 3 - MIA Brussels, Brussels, Belgium
Mar 21 - 24 - Leipzig Book Fair, Leipzig, Germany
Apr 5 - 7 - Animuc, Munich, Germany
May 30 - Jun 2 - Erlanger Comic Salon, Erlangen, Germany
Jun 28 - 30 - Dokomi, Düsseldorf, Germany
Jul 6 - Frankenmexx, Nuremberg, Germany*
Aug 2 - 4 - Animagic , Mannheim, Germany*
Aug 9 - 11 - Aninite, Vienna, Austria*
Sep 6 - 8 - Connichi, Wiesbaden, Germany*
Oct 11 - 13 - Polaris, Hamburg, Germany*
Oct 25 - 27: MEX Berlin, Germany*
Nov 23 - 24: VIECC, Vienna, Austria*
Nov 30 - Dec 1 - Comic Con Stuttgart, Germany
** - Applied/Not Confirmed YetIf you would like to see me at a certain event, feel free to ask your convention organizers to invite me as an artist to their event!